SWISS MADE Designer Watches by Thomas Stahl

SWISS MADE Stahl watches have an interesting and fascinating contemporary design with simple and clean vision. The design captures the heart of the audience, whilst allowing the products to be fully functional. The innovative yet creative use of stainless steel leads the market with a range of style driven watches that provides the best of all worlds – The purity of Danish design together with the craftsmanship of Swiss watch-making. Stahl watches are manufactured using the best non-allergic stainless steel; and they all feature sapphire crystal lens and Swiss movements. Design and innovation that “create timepieces that are timeless”.

STAHL watches are simply made for living. The simple design provide for clear time-telling, with the fuss of many modern watches. Our focus is on using the best quality materials to create a product that is durable, high quality, and desirable, characterised by Simple Design, Functionality and the use of good Quality SWISS Movements.

The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all, is a core theme in the development of modernism and functionalism.